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11. Major Shanghai Buildings before 1949

Stanford University Public content Major Shanghai Buildings before 1949. Shapefile. Virtual Shanghai Project. stanford-pz281fq4592. 2022. Virtual Shanghai Project. This shape file contains a set of 1,790 major buildings located in Shanghai in the Republican era. The shape file developed over time, with additio...

12. New Jersey (Surface Water Discharges, 2002)

Point Massachusetts Institute of Technology Public content New Jersey (Surface Water Discharges, 2002). Shapefile. NJDEP/OIRM/BGIS. mit-z3ptlfb5s5kma. New Jersey. Department of Environmental Protection, NJDEP/OIRM/BGIS, NJDEP/DWQ/BPSP-R1R2, NJDEP/OIRM/BGIS Enf SRO, NJDEP/DWQ/BPM, and NJDEP/OIRM/BGIS Enf NRO. New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) surface water discharge pipe GIS point coverage compiled from GPSed locations, NJPDES da...

13. Oil Spill Response Trailers Massachusetts2013

Point Tufts University Public content Oil Spill Response Trailers Massachusetts2013. Shapefile. MassGIS (Office : Mass.) . tufts-maoiltrailer13. 2013. The point dataset represents MassDEP Oil Spill Response Trailer which contains the approximate locations of oil spill response equipment provided b...

14. Panamá 1:50,000, Map Series Index

Polygon Harvard University Public content Panamá 1:50,000, Map Series Index. GeoJSON. Harvard Map Collection. harvard-g4870-s50-u5-index-gr. 1962. Harvard Map Collection, United States. Army Map Service, Panama. Dirección de Cartografía, Inter American Geodetic Survey, United States. Army Topographic Command, United States. Defense Mapping Agency, and Instituto Geográfico Nacional Tommy Guardia. This polygon is an index to 1:50,000 scale maps of Panama, titled Panamá 1:50,000. This map series was originally produced by the United States Ar...

15. Public Schools, San Francisco, California, 2013

Point University of California, Berkeley Public content Public Schools, San Francisco, California, 2013. Shapefile. berkeley-s7z97w. 2013. City and County of San Francisco . Current San Francisco Facilities - City-Owned, City-Leased and other designated Critical Facilities (hospitals, shelters, et al.). Each point repre...

16. Right of Way (ROW) Douglas County, WI 2010

Polygon Public content Right of Way (ROW) Douglas County, WI 2010. Shapefile. C7CD660B-01A4-46C2-8FAA-8EB3EB007FD1. 2010. Douglas County. This polygon data layer represents right of ways for Douglas County, Wisconsin in 2010.[Right of Way data for Douglas County and the City of Superior].

17. Rivers Kenya 1997

Line Tufts University Public content Rivers Kenya 1997. Shapefile. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (U.S.). tufts-kenyarivers97. 1997. This line dataset portrays permanent and non-permanent rivers in Kenya.

18. Roads Chippewa County, WI 2017

Line Public content Roads Chippewa County, WI 2017. Shapefile. A145526F-8E9A-4A76-91F2-6C91BE160813. 2017. Chippewa County. This line data layer represents roads for Chippewa County, Wisconsin in 2017.

19. [Sierra Leone, 1:200,000], Map Series Index

Polygon Harvard University Public content [Sierra Leone, 1:200,000], Map Series Index. GeoJSON. Harvard Map Collection. harvard-g8860-s200-g6-index-gr. 1979. Harvard Map Collection and Soviet Union. Sovetskai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡. Generalʹnyĭ shtab. This polygon is an index to 1:200,000 scale maps of Sierra Leone, titled [Sierra Leone, 1:200,000]. This map series was originally produced by the...

20. "A" diagram of a portion of Oregon Territory

Princeton University Public content "A" diagram of a portion of Oregon Territory. TIFF. [Washington, D.C. : General Land Office, 1851]. princeton-5h73pz50g. 1851. Preston, Jno. B. (John B.). Relief shown by hachures. "Surveyor General's Office, Oregon City, October 20th, 1851.".